Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I love this month and this time of year. Snow is appreciated with glee. Cold weather is anticipated with a surprisingly content heart (only lasts this month). December is a magical, beautiful month. The year is coming to an end and the beauty of nature and the Christmas season is celebrated with people we love. 
We just got a lot of fresh snow last night and looks pretty magnificent out there. I can't wait to walk in the first snowfall that is sticking to the ground without melting. Don't read my posts in February or March. I will not have anywhere near the excitement about fresh snow. :)

Last night we celebrated my brother's birthday. We went to Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub for dinner. Its an adorable place… great atmosphere, great food and very cozy. They had a giant lit up Christmas tree right outside too, so the whole place felt festive in a very subtle and charming way. I would definitely recommend this place.

Christmas tree from Church… isn't it gorgeous!?

Enjoy your day! 
xo, Caeli

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hooleywithaz said...

as much as i say i hate the cold, this time of year is my favorite too! everything is magic in december!

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