Monday, December 9, 2013

twelve days of blogging christmas

I'm linking up over at Erin's Twelve Days of Blogging. Today's topic: Christmas decor

I love Christmas decorating, especially trees. I love REAL Christmas trees. There is something magical to me about having a real piece of nature in our home in the middle of this cold weather when going outside is sometimes painful! :)

Tea by the tree is peaceful, huh?

My mom needle pointed this stocking for Nick and I. We love it. It meant so much to us and its my favorite decoration by far!

Nativity set from our trip to Haiti

Little santa man and some other decor

A little FAKE tree in our loft… I still love it! 

There's some decor… more tomorrow from twelve days of blogging!


hooleywithaz said...

i am in love with that nativity set caeli! what a great reminder of your time there. and that stocking...makes me wish i could sew, or cross-stitch, or do anything remotely like that. (i was hoping you would link up for this...i feel like it's right up your alley!)

NickandCaeli said...

What a fun idea! Excited for the rest!!

Amber Thomas said...

That nativity set is ADORABLE. I have decided those are what I want to have all over the house at Christmas time because they come in so many unique versions… I just got one in Mexico that's a nativity scene inside a fat, sombrero-wearing man's belly! :)

Thank you so much for joining Erin and I for this!

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